Tuesday, July 17, 2012

success with apricots/ cherries: failure

one of three chinese apricots from our tree this year.  two seasons ago this tree was a stick.
As if I needed any more proof that the climate is changing- there's this.  A rock-solid, guaranteed hardy, reliable Minnesota staple, the sour cherry, succumbs to a fungal disease, while a fruit native to Turkey and Iran thrives here in the same season.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

adapting to a changing climate

swimming in Minnehaha creek on the first of a stretch of 90+ degree days

A few years ago, maybe two years- I can't remember really- it felt like I couldn't read a weather blog's comment section- almost any blog for that matter, and not see a comment from someone denying climate change.  I'm a little bit of a geek about the weather, if you hadn't noticed, and I check into a few weather blogs every day if there happens to be anything interesting, or catastrophic, or both, going on weather-wise.